A unified search engine for Relativity.

Automate all of Relativity's search functionality in a single click.
OneSearch™ is a patent-pending advanced search application that fires five search engines in concert when a user submits a search term or phrase in Relativity.
Exact Search

The exact search engine is exactly what it sounds like; an exact match is any document containing the precise string of characters submitted by the user (e.g., the search term "harass" will only hit on the exact term "harass").

Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy search allows for slight variations on the search term (e.g., the search term "harass" will hit on typos or spelling variations like "harrass" or "hurass"). The number of variations can be configured in the user profile.


Stemming search runs the user's search term and allows for suffixes and extensions (e.g., the search term "harass" will hit on terms  that share the same stem word, like "harassment", "harassed" or "harassing").

Concept Search

The concept search engine identifies documents that are conceptually relevant to the search term based on Relativity's analytics search index (e.g., "harass" may also hit on terms like "termination," human resources" or "employee").

NEW Cognitive Search

Unique to OneSearch, Cognitive Search is an intelligent search provider that hits on cognitive and contextual synonyms (e.g., the search term "harass" may also hit on terms like "embarrass," "agitate," or "stress"). This search engine sources synonyms from: 

1.  Princeton University’s Word Net 3.0 database of cognitive synonyms (e.g., furniture, bunkbed), and 

2.  Google Books Ngram for Corpus-based contextual synonyms (e.g., liability, risk)


Probe into advanced search results to gain key insights.

Search results from all Relativity search providers (Exact, Fuzzy, Stemming and Conceptual), plus the new Cognitive search provider, are aggregated and displayed in an interactive Sankey Chart, Timeline and Histogram.

Filter search results in the dashboard and use the Aero-enhanced data visualization tools to explore correlations across search engine results.

Quickly identify the most responsive documents for priority review.

The OneSearch dashboard includes a priority ranked document list of search results. Documents in the list are ranked according to a proprietary composite score ranking calculated using inputs from all five search engines.

Users can use the results pane to sort documents by ranking, filter by search provider, edit columns and launch the Aero viewer.

Save your search results.

When you're ready, click the "Save as Search" button in the floating search bar to assign a Search ID (tag) and save your results.

Note: In addition, search results are automatically tagged within the software and are available in the Field Tree.

OneSearch™: A Unified Search Engine for Relativity
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